This video is number TWELVE in a series of 16 or so on how film can support your charity fundraising. Today’s subject is deciding which stories to tell.


The thing that people want above all else is the feeling that they have made a difference to the world. If you can demonstrate that in a film they will keep on making that difference in the world.

Now obviously if you have a major donor who gives you several thousand pounds which entirely funds a project and you can bring along to see the project and see the children who are coming in and – that is the ultimate donor experience. But what we can do with a film is to bring that experience to a wider audience.

We can effectively – through emotional engagement and through the telling of one powerful story – move the charity out of the way. People don’t want to give to charity. People want to give to the people or the animals or the cause who needs them, and the charity is conduit for them to achieve that. The charity is the middleman, the facilitator, the proxy. I can’t go out and help abused children, so I trust the NSPCC to do it for me. It’s then the charity’s job to demonstrate that impact by creating films that don’ feature the work of the charity, but that only feature the impact on the people who are receiving the service