Our approach.

We always start with the biggest question: Why is this film being made? What is it’s purpose? And then pursue the research, the conversations, the interviews that reveal the strongest story, the deepest ‘why’, to engage your audience’s hearts, and fire up their motivation and inspiration.

Our Mission.

We are here to amplify the voices of charities because we believe our films can help them make the world a better place.

We arestory tellers

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The team

StoryPartners have decades of experience in copywriting and film-making. We believe in the benefit of creating films under one roof. We believe great work happens when craftsmanship and technology collide.

Anna’s background is as copywriter working on fundraising appeals for some of the biggest names in UK charity. She works with Brad on the creative development of every story, then writes and edits the script, and handles the day to day project management and client contact.

Brad tells simple, emotional stories that move people to act. His films are a delicate, beautiful lens on someone’s every day experience, which for a moment make that experience heroic, universal. The ordinary holds the extraordinary. He mainly shoots raw on Blackmagic cameras.