Blackmagic Cinema Camera versus Blackmagic Production Camera in the gloom.

The only concern I have about replacing a Blackmagic Cinema Camera with a 4k Production camera is low light. I need to work fast using whatever is available. I often shoot on a monopod because a tripod is too slow. However, I also want a super 35 sensor, which means more stable images; and global shutter, as it means what movement there is gains some elegance – and it also means stabilising without jello. And 4k. But can the Production Camera handle the exquisitely subtle and deathly goth pallor of British light? Or will the Super35 global shutter 28mm IS dream die in the dimness?

(There is a reason lens whacking is a particularly British pass time. There is so little sun we have to invent it.)

Poupee Valsante (Waltzing Doll) by Maude Powell