An HD cow is small - a 4k cow is far away

BMCC vs BMPC 4k | Detail Comparison

A comparison of how well details are rendered by the Blackmagic Cinema Camera vs Blackmagic Production Camera - and 4k vs 2.4k vs. HD. Which camera produces a more detailed image at 1080p?

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A dimly lite room

BMCC vs BMPC4k | In the Gloom

The only concern I have about replacing a Blackmagic Cinema Camera with a 4k Production camera is low light.

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Blackmagic Cinema Camera Profile

Standard lens translation for Blackmagic Cinema camera

"To me a standard lens for 35mm film would be a 32mm and for 35mm stills it would be a 35mm. For 16mm the lens would be about a 16mm. On film, I would call a 50mm a close up lens rather than a standard because it tends to give little distortion when used to frame a face in a close shot and a 27mm a wide lens as it gives distortion to a wide shot." -- Roger Deakins

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charity fundraiser on the doorstep

Making an iPad fundraising video – 4 simple rules

If you’ve been tasked with creating an iPad video to support your face to face fundraisers, have a look at this little movie I made with my partner. The points to keep in mind are simple: but the simple rules are the most important to remember and the easiest to forget.

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African man, village background

Cinematic documentary for a new Africa

This was the film that got me hooked on 28mm!

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