If you were creating a fundraising appeal with a film as a central part of the mix, why wouldn’t you also make a ‘thank you’ alongside the main production?

You already know the donors are responsive to video, so thanking them in the same way is likely to resonate. Creating the thank-you at the same time as the main production means you’ll make the most of the production budget, and will have great piece ready to go as soon as the gifts start coming in.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen reminders of the importance of a great thank you/welcome. Then, at a long overdue coffee, Richard Turner gave me some incredible feedback on our ‘Thanks a Million’ project for SolarAid.

Thanks a Million from Brad Bell | StoryPartners.film on Vimeo.

Richard is passionate in his conviction that every supporter is a channel for your charity’s message, and that you never know where a particular communication to a particular donor might lead. As a result of their programme of thanking supporters in a powerful and authentic way SolarAid received a legacy gift directly attributed (by the legator’s family) to the care the charity takes with their donors.

Look after your people, and they will look after you.