Charity, film, fundraising 3 Tap into it

Some things that charities can do to tap into this new supporter landscape

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Charity, film, fundraising 2 Appealing to today’s supporters

The more that you can understand about charity supporters and their motivation for giving in the first place, the more likely you will be able to elicit a second gift.

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Charity, film, fundraising 1 First of loads

The more bespoke and tailored to their interests you can be, the better they will respond.

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“Thank you” is the most important thing to say

If you were creating a fundraising appeal with a film as a central part of the mix, why wouldn’t you also make a ‘thank you’ alongside the main production?

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A charity DRTV concept, mocked up

We mocked this up super-fast for a charity fundraising TV ad, to illustrate a concept that would be arresting on TV, congruent on social, and so cheap to produce you could make a…

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Animation: another way to tell a story

In fundraising we’ve all heard ‘people give to people’. Presenting them with animated illustration is to add another layer of ‘interference’ between the potential supporter and…

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Charity sector we are here for you

I know some folks don't have 'make the world a better place' as a top career priority. But... *whispers* I don't really understand those people.

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Film and Fundraising – originally published on LinkedIn

Somebody asked me this morning, what kind of films are working really well for charity fundraising right now, and at that moment my heart sank a little bit.

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The very best kind of feedback

The best kind of feedback.

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How to find a great story

To get to a memorable story via a powerful interview (for example for a case study or impact story), my advice can be summed up in four words: listen hard, have courage.

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