This video is number TEN in a series of 16 or so on how film can support your charity fundraising. Today’s subject is deciding which stories to tell.


It’s incumbent upon charities to look at their overall marketing or fundraising budget and take a view on what proportion of that can be put towards the content that is going to create the┬ámost valuable donors.

So it’s accepted now that every business and every charity needs to be creating regular video content. Some of that can be 60-seconds done with an iPhone, the CEO giving a quick update, or “here we are at this conference,” or a slide show giving key facts and figures — all of this counts as video content and all of this is completely necessary.

What there also needs to be, as you know if you’re looking at a strategy rather than at an individual project, is ‘cornerstone content’. And that’s the content on which everything else rests. So that’s the content that underpins all of the other communications because it speaks to your loftiest aspirations, your mission, your vision. And those are the ideals, and those are the values that are going to draw in the people who will become donors. And the investment in them should reflect that.