I know some folks don’t have ‘make the world a better place’ as a top career priority. But… *whispers* I don’t really understand those people.

At the cinema this weekend (Lady Bird, since you ask), watching ads for cars, drinks, beauty brands, cinema loyalty clubs; I was swept away with GRATITUDE that we get to make our little projects for organisations with ambitions to change the world.

A while back I disappeared down a bit of a rabbit hole, wondering if we were targeting our service at the right audience, and did we really need to confine ourselves to charities/social good orgs. It was a bit of a stumble around in the wilderness tbh, but we eventually arrived back at our starting point, and confirmed that yes, this is our market. The diversion wasn’t a waste of time, though, because I can’t describe the overpowering sense of *rightness* we felt when we realised that yes this IS our niche and we DO belong and want to be here. Then, suddenly, when I talked about our work again, it felt true and good and powerful.

I’m sure we could get creative satisfaction making promos for sports brands or telecoms companies… but nothing like the reward we get from the work we do for charity clients.

Thank you for being there, third sector. I am Here For You. 100%.