I’ve been working on a new template briefing document. Is it sad that I get excited about going through a well thought-out brief? No! It’s the cornerstone of any creative project! Success depends on it!

I’ve added tons of useful notes about WHY your creative team need to know these things, for those who aren’t regularly briefing work like this.

If you’d like a copy, drop a comment or a message and I’ll send it over. Our focus is film/video (obvs) but tbh it would work, with minor tweaks, for all kinds of creative project you might be contracting out.

“Why not have it as an online form to fill in?” I hear you ask. Maybe we will in time, but this document is SO IMPORTANT it demands a bit (a lot) of thought goes into it.

And for me (showing my GenX colours) it feels more natural to do that thinking and discussion in front of either a Word doc or *gasp* a paper document I can scribble on.

That’s all. If it’d be useful to you, it’s yours. Lemme know.

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