Mind | Emergency TV

With the onset of the coronavirus crisis, Mind started to prepare for the eventuality that demand on their services would escalate with every passing week. People with a diagnosis could be finding it difficult to access their support, people without could be feeling even more vulnerable. Anxiety, depression, loneliness – all understandable and predictable effects of the restrictions.

They decided to rapidly grow their burgeoning individual giving problem with a direct response TV slot. But with everything ‘shut down’, and very little existing footage, what would the film look like?

Mind’s President, Stephen Fry, was up for the job. Mr Fry is well-versed at creating off-the-cuff videos at home for his Twitter account, and had already, early in the crisis, made TV appearances from home so it was very clear we would get excellent footage.

Mind’s incumbent agency Consider was already developing propositions for this emergency campaign and that informed 60 and 30 second scripts which Stephen Fry recorded from home using an external mic for sound quality.

The ad aired in May 2020.

Written by Anna Bell

Shot on an iPhone by Stephen Fry

Edited and designed by Brad Bell

ClientMindInfoWritten by Anna Bell. Shot on an iPhone by Stephen Fry. Edited and designed by Brad BellDate06 May 2020Linkmind.org.uk