UK Sepsis Trust | Stella

The UK Sepsis Trust are working with our old friends at 11-London and agreed they’d benefit from a film to provide a ‘portable emotional punch’ for their network of speakers.

These speakers could be addressing groups for the purposes of fundraising, or to raise awareness about the symptoms of sepsis (which too often is diagnosed too late, leading to thousands of preventable deaths every year). The film could also bring to life the UKST cause during conversations with major donors or potential corporate supporters.

Working with Jax, Creative Director at 11, we developed three possible creative treatments led by three sepsis stories. Hopeful that the UKST would be happy to progress on one of the treatments, they actually committed to creating two films, and to seek funding to make the third. Can’t ask for a better response than that!

This is the first film, featuring Stella Benson who is a passionate and active advocate for UKST. The treatment was arrived at to address the need for a film that would be quick and simple to shoot and edit, to launch at the Sepsis Unplugged conference at the beginning of February. Stella didn’t only make the film possible by agreeing to participate, but actually made our job easier by welcoming us into her home and delivering a brilliant performance.

Initial feedback has been very positive. And over the next few weeks we’re planning to create a few different versions to tailor the ending to be more targeted to particular audiences.

The next film, aimed more specifically at the corporate supporter audience, is in production.

ClientUK Sepsis TrustInfoShot on Blackmagic Production camera in 4k by Brad Bell for Lens: Canon 17-55m f2.8. Shot raw, processed as Kodak 5207, 5213 with FilmConvert in DaVinci Resolve.Date1 February